King Edwin School A Spark of Genius North East School

Curriculum Offer

As an Independent School, King Edwin School upholds the Independent School Standards (March 2018). We deliver a curriculum which gives pupils experience in linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical and aesthetic and creative education. We design our curriculum to ensure that our students can move onto the most appropriate next steps when they reach post 16, and to take into account the very individual needs of each of our students, as detailed within their individual Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs). Below is an example of the curriculum offer available to students within the school during 2018/19.

Curriculum Intent - we aim to ensure that all of our students can access the most appropriate and challenging programme, which is well matched to their social, emotional and mental health needs.  We aim to ensure that our students can access and maintain appropriate next steps education or training when they have completed their time with us. 

Curriculum Implementation - all of our students have an individual programme designed for them when they join  our school.  The components are devised from the curriculum topics below. As we continue to develop in capacity, we will continue to add to the range of qualifications and experiences on offer to ensure that we can be even more flexible with our students.

Curriculum Impact 

  • We provide more young people with opportunities to sit qualifications including GCSEs than other SEN provision or alternative provision.  
  • The vast majority of our young people are aiming to access mainstream next steps, and some are able to do so without exceptional levels of support.
  • As a result of their time with us, our 2018 leavers have gone on to start some amazing next steps including agricultural college, apprenticeships, training providers and employment.
  • 80%+ of our current student body are making good progress academically and towards their EHCP outcomes (Jan 2019)

Subject or area Qualification (if applicable)Who for? 
 English GCSE and/or Functional SkillsAll students follow an English curriculum
KS3 students (Ys 7-9) follow DFE National Curriculum guidance but follow GCSE preparation in English (ELC)
KS4 (Y10-11) students following accredited GCSE and/or Functional Skills in English
Any students for whom English is an additional language follow 'English My Way' curriculum and functional skills. 
 Maths GCSE and/or Functional SkillsAll students follow a Maths curriculum
KS3 students (Y7-9) follow DFE National Curriculum guidance but follow GCSE preparation in Maths (ELC)
KS4 (Y10-11) students follow accredited GCSE and/or maths Functional Skills
 Science  GCSE Physics or BiologyAll students follow a Science curriculum
KS3 students (Y7-9) follow DFE National Curriculum guidance (Biology, Physics and Chemistry)
KS4 (Y10-11) students follow accredited GCSE Biology or Physics
 Art NCFE Art and Design All students follow an Art curriculum
KS3 students (Y7-9) build skills for developing into accreditation in Y10/11
KS4 students follow accredited NCFE Level 1 in Art and Design
 Physical EducationNCFE Sport and FitnessAll students follow a PE curriculum
KS3 students (Y7-9) follow DFE guidance 
KS4 (Y10-11) students follow an accredited NCFE Certificate  in Sport and Fitness
 Social Learning/EHCP focused social skills development activityDuke of Edinburgh (Bronze or Silver) 
EHCP targets progress
All students follow a Social Learning curriculum, in support of achieving their EHCP targets.  This comprises  activity such as outward bound expeditions, whole school sport,  social learning afternoons, and animal welfare awareness.

Selected students (Y10 and 11) will also complete their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.
 Vocational StudiesNOCN Vocational Studies (Motor Vehicle or Animal care) Students requiring a differentiated provision will study English, maths and vocational studies. 

 Tutorial None  (EHCP progress) All students are allocated a personal tutor, who is responsible for supporting student progress towards personal EHCP targets.  Weekly tutorial sessions are used to monitor progress towards this.

Flexible qualificationsStudents are able to access additional qualifications to suit their needs and abilities such as English Literature, Financial Studies (L2) and Statistics GCSEs.
Reading and writing All students have a weekly reading slot where they are supported to read (and hopefully enjoy) a range of texts and work on handwriting and spelling.