King Edwin School A Spark of Genius North East School

Lower School

The Lower School at King Edwin is made up of 4 small classes, each with no more than six students. Classes have students of mixed ages and abilities, with the main focus being on supporting our students' needs and preparing them to move up through the school when they feel they are ready.

Our Timetable

Monday, Tuesday*, Wednesday & Thursday 9.30am - 2.30pm

Friday 9.30am - 1.50pm

Break time: 10.40am

Lunch time: 12.00pm

*Tuesday is our Outdoor Education day and we spend the full day offsite. Packed lunch is provided for all students.


The Lower School have facilities to enable students' sensory needs to be met and allow them to explore their own interests.

Our Associate Principal


Our students regularly engage in Outdoor Education, as this is something we value at King Edwin and feel allows our Students to develop their Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural skills and knowledge.

Sophie is our Associate Principal for Lower School, as well as the pastoral lead throughout King Edwin School. Sophie oversees all of the students in lower school as well as teaching PSHE and Humanities and ensures that all students have a smooth transition into the school and that their individual needs are met by us.