King Edwin School A Spark of Genius North East School

Zero Exclusions Policy

We strive to support our young people without excluding, and to that end, will only exclude a student if they are a significant risk to themselves, the school staff or its students. In most cases we are able to offer appropriate restorative work to support our students in making more informed choices.

As we are a school that strives to work without the use of restraint wherever possible, we are unfortunately unable to offer placements to students with a significant history of intentional assault to staff or peers, or that have a history of harm to animals.

Complaints and Suggestions

Some of the suggestions and requests we received in the last year were;

  • To improve the quality of the food served at school- this is underway and the new term has started with feature menus from both student favourite choices and the school senior leadership team (who each took up guest chef slots and helped to cook and serve their menus).
  • To offer students a greater number of vocational type subjects to study- the current academic year has seen drama, dance and music, hair / beauty, motor vehicle and Internships added to the offer.
  • To reconsider the reward and sanction process. This has been done, and a new 'Model Student' process has been introduced.
  • To eliminate exclusions or reduce to almost non existent. This has been done, and a new process for behaviour monitoring has been introduced, removing the route to exclusion other than in the most extreme cases of poor behaviour.

In the last academic year (2017/18), the school received one formal complaint, which was resolved effectively. As at 1st June 2019 there had been no formal complaints made to school.

Governing Body

We established a governing body in January 2018.

Our Chair of Governors is

Mr Daniel Johnson

C/O King Edwin School

Mill Lane


TS20 1LG