King Edwin School A Spark of Genius North East School

A warm welcome from the Principal

Lorna Mclean M.A.Ed. (Education Leadership) King Edwin School Principal

King Edwin school is a specialist school catering for those with social, emotional and mental health needs, or who have been identified as having a need or condition that falls within the autism spectrum (ASC/ASD). The school prides itself on supporting its students in developing a growth mindset and becoming resilient and responsible young people during the period of education spent with us. In doing so, our students become prepared for the challenges and opportunities of their next steps, from taking a more active part in their family or community through to taking part in further education or training. The parents and carers of our students are a key part of this, and we try to work very closely with each family to support the development of each of our students.

I look forward to working with you, if you choose our school for your child.

School start and finish times 

The school day starts at 9am.  Students must be on site for 8.55am ready to attend their first lesson of the day.  School is open for breakfast club daily from 8.30am.  Student lunchtime is 12.30pm-1pm, and due to this short period of time, parents / carers are actively discouraged from collecting their children to take them home for lunch.  The school day ends at 2.50 pm Monday to Thursday, and 2pm on Friday.  A small number of students have personalised start and finish times, if they need this to be comfortable in school.  If this is required, please talk to us during your visits and before a young person starts with us.

School meals/food 

All meals are provided for our students.  We offer breakfast (continental/light), snacks at break times, and two hot and two cold choices at lunch. Our cook Clare is particularly skilled at working with students with food phobias and dislikes, and supporting them in trying new things and strives to ensure students are offered a diet that promotes positive engagement and supports concentration and focus.  Our aim is to ensure that the food students receive at school is based on whole foods, and has a positive effect on their bodies.  However, we do occasionally opt for a popular fast food option if students have earned this as part of their incentive programme.  


Students are supplied with a school uniform consisting of polo shirts and hooded jumpers. Two of each of these are provided free of charge.  Additional replacement jumpers and polo shirts can be purchased through the school office on request. Parents and carers are asked to ensure their children are provided with dark, sturdy trousers, and shoes that will withstand both sporting and outdoor activity, as the school runs a very active curriculum. Students should also be provided with a PE and Swimming Kit, as sport is a regular feature of the school day.


Our Curriculum (the things we offer for students to learn about) is based on both academic need and the areas set out by each student's Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).  We pride ourselves in offering the most appropriate qualifications for each young person, and whilst we recognise the Government Performance Tables and the need to take them into account, we believe that in offering an appropriate qualification irrespective of whether it is a 'qualifying' qualification for school performance measurement, we are giving each young person the best chance at success during their next steps.

We offer the following : 

Subject or area Qualification (if applicable)Who for? 
 English GCSE and/or Functional SkillsAll students follow an English curriculum
KS3 students (Ys 7-9) follow DFE National Curriculum guidance but follow GCSE preparation in English (ELC)
KS4 (Y10-11) students following accredited GCSE and/or Functional Skills in English
 Maths GCSE and/or Functional SkillsAll students follow a Maths curriculum
KS3 students (Y7-9) follow DFE National Curriculum guidance but follow GCSE preparation in Maths (ELC)
KS4 (Y10-11) students follow accredited GCSE and/or maths Functional Skills
 Science  GCSE Physics or BiologyAll students follow a Science curriculum
KS3 students (Y7-9) follow DFE National Curriculum guidance (Biology, Physics and Chemistry)
KS4 (Y10-11) students follow accredited GCSE Biology or Physics
 Art NCFE Art and Design All students follow an Art curriculum
KS3 students (Y7-9) build skills for developing into accreditation in Y10/11
KS4 students follow accredited NCFE Level 1 in Art and Design
 Physical EducationNCFE Sport and FitnessAll students follow a PE curriculum
KS3 students (Y7-9) follow DFE guidance 
KS4 (Y10-11) students follow an accredited NCFE Certificate  in Sport and Fitness
 Social Learning/EHCP focussed social skills development activityDuke of Edinburgh (Bronze or Silver) 
EHCP targets progress
All students follow a Social Learning curriculum, in support of achieving their EHCP targets.  This comprises  activity such as outward bound expeditions, whole school sport,  social learning afternoons, and animal welfare awareness.

Selected students (Y10 and 11) will also complete their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.
 Vocational StudiesNOCN Vocational Studies (Motor Vehicle or Animal Care pathways) Students requiring a differentiated provision will study English, maths and vocational studies. 

 Tutorial None  (EHCP progress) All students are allocated a personal tutor, who is responsible for supporting student progress towards personal EHCP targets.  Weekly tutorial sessions are used to monitor progress towards this.

Flexible qualificationsStudents are able to access additional qualifications to suit their needs and abilities such as English Literature, Financial Studies (L2) and Statistics GCSEs.
Reading and writing All students have a weekly reading slot where they are supported to read a range of texts and to work on handwriting and spelling.