King Edwin School A Spark of Genius North East School

King Edwin School Staff

We have a small and friendly staff team, including a personal tutor and lead key worker for each young person.

Therapeutic interventions

Our whole approach is based therapeutic interactions with our young people, and this is embedded in our school core values. We work on the PACE parenting model - where Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy lead our responses to our students needs. This is the reason we have sought to become a Forest School and a Beach school, as we know these environments are inspiring for young people and can improve their wellbeing and resilience.

We also offer a range of discrete therapeutic support for our students and families including animal assisted therapies, Theraplay©, Bereavement Counselling, 'Human Givens' interventions, talking therapies, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), 'Drawing and Talking' therapy, Emotion Coaching, B More Archie, and much more. We also strive to work alongside any external interventions that are ongoing for a young person (such as CAMHS interventions) and encourage full participation from our young people and their families into all services, in order to fully address any areas of development for our young people whilst these services are on offer.

Our experienced Educational Psychologist is a core part of the team for each child, and is also able to offer personalised interventions for our families and children (for those wondering, the picture below is not our educational psychologist, it is Lilly, one of our companion goats). We always seek parental permission before embarking on a programme of discrete therapeutic intervention.

More information about some of our approaches

Parent Support, Youth Work and Outreach service

We have a  Parent Support Advisor, particularly skilled in providing advice guidance and help to parents of young people with ASD and behavioural issues.  Parents are offered this service as part of the package they receive at King Edwin.

We also offer a youth work / outreach service to our young people and their families that require it.  This service is used to support transition into school, or to help families or young people going through times of difficulty.

Outdoor Education and Beach School 

King Edwin School is a place where learning happens in the locations that most inspire our students to want to learn and engage. 

We take part in an outdoor learning day weekly, and one aspect of this is the learning about our beaches, seas and coastline.  We use this to support student to learn to be self sufficient, to be aware of our environment and our impact on our beaches and also to increase resilience, self confidence and social skills.