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Careers Policy

A young person’s career is their pathway through learning and work, and if a young person has an Education, Health and Care Plan, it is even more crucial that all aspects of preparation for their next steps are taken into account. All young people need a planned programme of activities throughout their school years to equip them to make choices that are right for them and to be able to manage their careers throughout their lives. At King Edwin School we aim to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and attributes to make the most of changing opportunities in learning and work, and to help them identify appropriate strategies and coping skills for their post 16 placement.

It is important that students are helped to make informed decisions about the relevant pathways to support their longer term plans. We have a planned programme in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4  and are working towards the Gatsby Benchmarks and with reference to the Careers Statutory Guidance January 2018. We also work to ensure that a young person's Education, Health and Care plan is one which will support their future and realistic aspirations, and work with our young people, families and post 16 providers (such as colleges or apprenticeship providers) to ensure that all are prepared for their next steps.

We strive to provide a varied and personalised careers education and support programme to our students and give impartial information, advice and guidance.  We have professionally qualified careers staff attend our school to support our secondary  students.

Included within our website are the best web links for careers articles, advice from careers specialists and recognised careers websites. You will find resources to cover all of the popular careers queries and different careers pathways. If however you do not find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact the school office:



Brandon completed his studies in Summer 2018 and commenced his studies at Askham Bryan College soon after. Brandon  has enjoyed his post 16 choice at Askham Bryan College and has started a work placement at a local Petmania store alongside this.  

We caught up with Brandon and asked how he was getting on in his new college, he said he was 'thankful to the school for working so hard to develop him and for finding him his post 16 option'.  Brandon said that he loved his time at King Edwin and he missed his peers, and all the staff and students were 'really good'. 


He told us he loved the mixture of activities he did whilst at school and said the love for the animals at school, including the goats and snakes have led to Askham Bryan College being a perfect place for him to further develop. Brandon still keeps in touch with some of his ex peers, who he made friends with at King Edwin.When asked how he would describe King Edwin, he said its like a 'weird family' that works really well (actual quote) and that everyone looks after each other. When Brandon came back to see the current Y11 students for Christmas lunch in Dec 2018, his peers were very pleased to see him, and he definitely offered an insider view on life Post 16.  

Well done Brandon, we're very proud of you!

School Careers Programme

We aim to enable our students to develop the personal skills to become effective and independent citizens, who are able to make informed and realistic decisions in preparation for moving on to their next steps whether that be post 16 study, training or supported employment.

Careers preparations are done in the following ways:

Understanding yourself/Self-Development/self confidence development

Career Research and Exploration

Life Skills/Employability Skills

Enterprise Skills

Encouraging students to develop an understanding of themselves 

Instilling an ethos of resilience and self- determination as a learner

Learning about careers and the world of work

Making the most of careers information, advice and guidance

Learning how to make and adjust plans to manage change and transition.

Developing basic employability skills including showing initiative and enterprise

Handling the application and selection process

Developing an awareness of personal financial capability

Careers Education and Work Related Learning is delivered through discrete careers lessons, our tutor time, Duke of Edinburgh sessions,  PSHE/citizenship sessions, circle time, discussed during 6 weekly reports and during reviews, and supported during and planned events in and out of school.  Each year group from Y7 to Y11 has planned activities. Parents are also welcomed into the process.

Your child's tutor will regularly discuss their career aspirations with them and the links between progress in school and their pathways into future education and employment.

Key Stage3

Students in Y7, 8 and 9 attend a variety of subject taster sessions in school during the school 'Options' offer. This can be as short as a half term or can run throughout the year.  Students also participate in a variety of in school and external activities and events throughout Key Stage3 to explore careers in a variety of sectors. 

Below are examples of our KS3 activities:

•Vocational taster days (local colleges)  •University taster days (local university)   •Weekly Duke of Edinburgh days (employability skills development days) 

Key Stage4

Students participate in a variety of in school and external activities, assemblies and events in key Stage 4 to support their career ideas and exploration.  All students are offered a one to one careers guidance meeting with an external impartial careers guidance colleague and advisors from the young person's local authority SEN team attend their reviews in Ys 9 and 11 to ensure this impartial guidance is supportive and effective. 

Below are some of our KS4 activities:

•CollegeTaster Days • Employers and Skills Fair • Mock Interviews • Supported college open evenings attendance • Supported college interview (individual) • Enterprise project • Discrete careers sessions • Employers and Skills Fair • Travel training • Supported experience placement 

After King Edwin

King Edwin school works with the local Youth Direction service to monitor our students in their next steps, for a period of 3 years.  Additionally, school remains in contact with our students for a period of one year (longer if the student requires) to provide any further support in remaining in learning / placement at post 16.